About Bunko

Bestselling Author, Anthony Bunko grew up in a roughScreen Shot 2015-08-21 at 14.15.05 old tough old industrial town in the Welsh valleys called Merthyr Tydfil. While some people got born into wealth and riches, he was given a simple nickname (that no one understood) and a great upbringing.

He stumbled into writing, more by accident than judgement, after getting stuck in a three hour traffic jam one rainy afternoon. During the boredom, he picked up a pen and started scribbling away a story about naughty monkeys! Suddenly something exploded inside of him. It became his passion; his energy.
‘You can walk tirelessly around the world in search of comfortable shoes… only to find a pair already under the bed.’
Over the years Bunko has written many bestselling books for grown-up people with heads like damaged fruit. Plus he’s also penned a stack of autobiographies for many interesting superstars of rock music, film and sport. However, his real love is when he teams up with the dark, slightly manic teenager who occupies a room in his imagination and dresses like a Red Indian in punk rock trousers and monkey boots. Together they create a wondrous world full of strange looking creatures, 3 legged dogs, working class astronauts, rebellious sheep and demons that turn nice when they are nasty.

‘I started writing because there were so many ideas running around and around my mind with nowhere to go. Writing helped to drill a hole in my skull and let the ideas escape.’ Bunko 2010
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